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Photo Media Outlet has been serving the amateur/hobbyist and professional photographic community for many years.  Photo Media Outlet is proud to offer a wide variety of photo backgrounds including muslins (Classic, Art Masters and Scenic muslins), hand-painted and printed seamless, photographic background stands and light stands, gaffer's tapes, and many other backgrounds and photo accessories to assist in capturing your finest images.  Photo Media Outlet supplies only top-quality backgrounds, muslins and accessories at affordable prices!

All Photo Media Outlet muslins come with a 6" pocket on one end, along with metal grommets for ease in hanging.  Classic muslins are packed in a sturdy carry bag dyed in the same pattern as the muslins itself.  Art Masters and Scenic Muslins are individually handcrafted; therefore, no two backgrounds are completely identical.

Photo Media Outlet also carries a bold line of Inkjet Photo Papers and Image Transfer Papers and wide format media!  Available in a variety of standard and unique finishes, Photo Media Outlet's inkjet papers ensure an excellent image quality and fast dry times in all major inkjet printers.  Wide format materials are available for aqueous ink (dye/pigment) and solvent ink printers.

Photo Media Outlet's Image Transfer Paper is a unique and innovative product, available for light garment, dark garment and laser applications.  Unlike other transfer papers on the market, Photo Media Outlet's Inkjet Image Transfer media will not crack!  The coating allows the image to remain flexible, even after multiple washings.

Contact Photo Media Outlet today info@photomediaoutlet.com for all of your photo background, equipment, accessories and inkjet photo paper requirements!

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